Q: What should we wear?

A: Something flattering and comfortable that makes you feel awesome! Color choice is important – typically mid-tones like blues, greens and browns photograph beautifully, and this is always a good place to start. In most cases I recommend avoiding black, white, bright red, bright orange and bright yellow, and especially neon colors. When you book your session, you will have access to my Portrait Guide site which includes further details and ideas.  


Q: We are really awkward and shy in front of the camera. Will you help us feel comfortable?

A: Yes! You may be surprised how many people feel this way – nearly everyone, including me! I will be giving you directions, activities and things to do all the time. So many clients tell me that they really had fun at their session and found that it was way more enjoyable than they thought it would be. Again, when you book your session you will have access to the Portrait Guide which has information and tips about the session and how to prepare. 


Q: What if it rains?

A: I watch the weather forecast closely, and if there might be a problem I will get in touch and we’ll make a plan. Cloudy days are lovely for photos as the light is nice and soft, so I don’t usually recommend rescheduling unless it’s pouring all day. If it is very wet, the final decision on rescheduling will be up to you.


Q: Does my session include digital images?

A: Yes, all sessions (except for those donated to auctions for schools and non-profits) include your full gallery of digital images. You will receive color and black and white versions of each image. You can use them to make prints, books and other items. 


Q: Does my session include prints?

A: Yes, every session includes some prints. It is so important to have some real, tangible prints from your session. I strongly encourage you to make prints of all your favorite images. You can purchase them from me or use your digital images to make your own. These are your future family heirlooms!


Q: What can I use my digital images for?

A: Lots of things! You can make prints, books and gifts and share them online. Some printers may ask for a usage or copyright release – you will find this as a PDF document in your gallery email.

Wall galleries are a very popular and easy way to display your images and create a lovely focal point in your home. Check out my “Walls” board on Pinterest for some great inspiration.

Photo books are are a great keepsake and make wonderful gifts. For some fun things to do with your digital images, take a look at these companies: Pinhole Press and Artifact Uprising are favorites, also Blurb.comMyPublisher.com and, if you have a Mac, iPhoto.

For cards and announcements, try Pear Tree Greetings and Minted.


Q: How can I get the best quality prints?

A: Prints purchased through your gallery shopping cart come directly to you from the same professional lab that I use. They are affordably priced and the best quality. Mpix.com is another option for a nice variety of professional-style products. If you are making a print larger than 8×10, I strongly recommend that you order the print mounted on styrene or another firm substrate to keep it from wrinkling in the frame (Mpix offers this) and that you order a small test print from the same lab before you order anything expensive. Always avoid thin, glossy paper, instant or one-hour printers and home printers.


Q: Do you offer framing, canvas and albums?

A: Yes, I offer a full range of quality professional products, from mounted prints in all sizes to beautiful albums. Just give me a call for details.