February 18, 2014

dolores and john
corvallis thyme garden wedding


I was so fortunate to shoot several weddings at the beautiful Thyme Garden last year – it’s just the perfect spot for a quintessentially Northwest wedding.

Dolores and John’s wedding was a glorious little gem of a day, so unique and genuine and perfectly suited to them. All the pretty handcrafted details, the close presence and help of treasured friends and family and the lovely location combined to make a memorable day.

corvallis_wedding_photographer01corvallis_wedding_photographer02Dolores’ dress was made for her by her close friend..corvallis_wedding_photographer03corvallis_wedding_photographer04corvallis_wedding_photographer05corvallis_wedding_photographer06corvallis_wedding_photographer07corvallis_wedding_photographer08corvallis_wedding_photographer09corvallis_wedding_photographer10corvallis_wedding_photographer11corvallis_wedding_photographer12The ceremony was carefully created by Dolores and John and officiated by Dolores’ good friend..corvallis_wedding_photographer13corvallis_wedding_photographer14corvallis_wedding_photographer15I enjoy getting casual photos of the guests, and it’s so much fun when they ham it up a bit for me! Look at this lovely threesome!
corvallis_wedding_photographer16corvallis_wedding_photographer17The on-site organic catering is always so beautiful. The pretty cheese decorations are always different! corvallis_wedding_photographer18corvallis_wedding_photographer19Toasts and speeches are always a special and festive part of the day. I love watching all the reactions and emotions going on all around me, and hearing the stories…corvallis_wedding_photographer20corvallis_wedding_photographer21corvallis_wedding_photographer22corvallis_wedding_photographer23I love to slip away with the bride and groom for a few minutes after dinner. It’s a nice opportunity for them to take a deep breath and relax together for a little while.corvallis_wedding_photographer24corvallis_wedding_photographer25corvallis_wedding_photographer26corvallis_wedding_photographer27corvallis_wedding_photographer28corvallis_wedding_photographer29


Venue and catering: The Thyme Garden

Spectacular pies (with words!): Blue Raeven Farmstand

Beautiful local flowers: Bare Mountain Farm

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